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The name P.Audio is known through the world. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional audio loudspeaker components P Audio has earned a reputation as a high quality supplier to many of the world’s leading pro audio companies.

P.Audio designs and produces a complete range of low frequency and high frequency transducers to exacting standards of performance and reliability.

P.Audio’s state of the art engineering and manufacturing facilities are truly world class and its products are supplied to every region of the world. P.Audio supplies premium quality OEM and P.Audio branded products that cover the entire spectrum of profession applications and requirements.

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The company was established in 1991 and is located near Bangkok Thailand. The company occupies a 60,000 square meter garden complex. Continuous growth has allowed P.Audio to build ultra modern research and development facilities at its corporate headquarters. The campus also contains a state of the art manufacturing and processing operation as well as a very large acoustic presentation hall.

P.Audio continues to grow and currently employs over 500 dedicated professionals, staff, and skilled production specialists in this state of the art facility dedicated to designing and building the best loudspeakers and acoustical products in the world.

P.Audio’s corporate headquarters in Thailand

P.Audio is a vertically integrated facility that provides complete support from order entry thru shipping. P.Audio’s commitment to full support also extends to the companies key asset, its employees. Full housing is provided adjacent to the main facility.

P.Audio’s employee facility offers complete and modern support for its employees

Final Assembly Technology

The term "WORLD CLASS" extends into P.Audio's final assembly areas as well. Highly automated systems utilize the latest powered and free manufacturing methods. This allows P.Audio to use automation where it is best and most effectively used, and to use our greatest asset, our highly trained employees where they are most effective. Multiple assembly lines are dedicated to compression driver assembly, direct radiator transducer assembly, and complete systems assembly. All production areas utilize a double testing method. This approach combines two critical quality assurance methods. The first is PC based advanced and automated analysis of 100% of our products. The second method utilizes trained "ears" to insure that final assembly systems are accurately tuned. 100% of P.Audio products are tested twice, each testing method bringing a unique and ideally suited expertise to overall product quality.

Many of our processes are automated and insure a consistently high level of performance. The manufacturing systems are all integrated to provide quality, process control feedback and high performance for our customers.

Multiple assembly lines feature “palletized” automated assembly and processing.

Integration of automation and highly skilled operators insure each process is optimized for high quality and consistency.

Customer Support

P.Audio maintains a large commitment to supporting our customers and satisfying their needs. We insure large raw material and finished goods inventories. These large inventories insure our ability to react quickly to customer needs, and the ever changing needs of the professional audio market. Our automated inventory management system is integrated with our supply chain in order to insure that our inventories contain exactly the correct materials. This allows P.Audio to provide a complete level of service, from initial product development to product shipping and after sales support.

Proper levels of both raw materials and finished goods inventory insure quick and efficient customer support.

Efficient material handling and order fulfillment allow P.Audio quick reaction and customer satisfaction.

P.Audio’s commitment to sales and customer support insure a high level of personalized interaction and customer satisfaction.

Research & Development

P.Audio’s commitment to research and development is substantial. The center piece of this commitment is the large Anechoic chamber. This facility allows P.Audio’s research and development staff to provide world class product design and documentation. The Research and Development group is focused on not only new product development for P.Audio, but provides these world class facilities to it OEM customers for product support as well.

P.Audio’s large anechoic chamber provides an ideal environment for product evaluation and development

Adjacent to the Research and Development area is one of the world’s largest dedicated listening rooms. This room was custom built to act as a product evaluation area. P.Audio understands the importance of world class R&D facilities and advanced test equipment but also understands that the customer’s ears are the final method of product evaluation. This facility allows both P Audio’s staff and its customers to listen and perform competitive evaluations in a “real world” setting. The facility is large and acoustically treated to represent to exact “end use” environment for the product.

The listening and product evaluation room was designed to exactly duplicate the end use environment of
professional loudspeaker systems.



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